About Us

EnergyQuest International, Inc. is an environmentally friendly Company that is currently offering our cost saving product EQ Mileage Booster in selected markets around the world. EQ Mileage Booster provides short term and long-term benefits to automobiles, trucks, power plants and others who burn gasoline or diesel. Our business strategy revolves around our desire to provide high quality products to improve the environment, increase fuel mileage and enhance the performance and life of internal combustion engines. The use of EQ Mileage Booster will save the user money on fuel and at the same time provide cleaner air and a cleaner environment. EQ Mileage Booster is guaranteed to improve gas or diesel fuel mileage by 5% to 20% or more, thereby saving the motorist, truck or equipment operator serious dollars on their fuel costs. EQ Mileage Booster will add longer life to engines. More complete burning of fuel and lower operating temperatures because of higher lubricity will lower maintenance cost. EQ Bunker Fuel Conditioner is expected to be demonstrated in the third quarter of 2009 or in the first quarter of 2010 to a variety of customers who use Bunker fuel in power plants and other applications. We expect to begin delivery of Bunker Fuel Conditioner in 2010. We are seeking other automotive related products to complement the company’s EQ Mileage Booster and EQ Bunker Fuel Conditioner.

The Company has spent several years developing relationships and demonstrating EQ Mileage Booster to numerous retailers andpotential customers. We believe these efforts will be successful as we are currently involved in professional presentations to the largest automotive parts retailers in the US. The Company is actively pursuing investment capital through a Private Placement Memorandum available to qualified individuals or investment entities. (Investor information:bud@energyquestint.com )

The Company was formed to produce and sell environmentally friendly products to the United States and other areas of the World. The purpose of this Executive Summary is to familiarize possible interested parties with the business and future plans of EnergyQuest International. The Company’s current product EQ Mileage Booster supplies money saving fuel additive products to motorists, trucking fleets power plants and other petroleum burning industries. The focus of EnergyQuest is on its initial product EQ Mileage Booster. EQ Mileage Booster is geared to commercial and institutional fleets that consume huge amounts of diesel or gas fuel as well as individual users for their personal vehicles. While EQ Mileage Booster will reduce maintenance and repair costs and save fleets thousands of dollars, it will also be a benefit to individual users as fuel prices skyrocket in today’s economy. EQ Mileage Booster helps clean the air our children breathe and increases the outdoor activities available to all of society. In a continuing effort to clean the air EQ Mileage Booster is offering this non-toxic non-hazardous product which will not only reduce smoke and harmful emissions but at the same time save the user significant expense in the cost of fuel and maintenance. EQ Mileage Booster with its proprietary ester-based formula dissolves the gums and residues and adds important lubrication that today’s engines and equipment require for maximum performance but seldom receives. EQ Mileage Booster causes the engine to stay clean, run smoothly and efficiently and keeps it continually lubricated. The result is money saving, less pollution and a cleaner smoother performance. Users will save money, help the environment, extend engine life, all at virtually no cost considering the savings achieved by using EQ Mileage Booster. The Company continues to develop/secure new technology & products to benefit its customers and the environment.

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History & Mission Statement

EnergyQuest International was incorporated in the State of Nevada, U.S.A. in December 1997.  The founder’s purpose was to establish a company to develop and distribute environmentally products and services in the United States with an emphasis in other developing world areas.  The Company Founders were looking at a new technology to decrease smoke and emissions in the air we breathe. Family medical histories of the Founders empowered them to pursue all avenues available and to develop new technologies to clean up the smoke and the harmful emissions caused by internal combustion engines in vehicles and other equipment. During this time Mr. Fopiano led a team in concert with Doctors and Engineers and Business People to further develop ester technologies and formulations to accomplish the goal of emitting lower emissions and to eliminate smoke in the atmosphere caused by internal combustion engines.

After years of searching, testing and demonstrations the formula was finalized and has been put into production as EQ Mileage Booster.  EQ Mileage Booster is an environmentally friendly fuel conditioner that has shown to add life and performance to internal combustion engines at the same time reducing the harmful emissions these engines emit into the air we all breathe.  A major added benefit is it also increased fuel mileage over 5% and in some reported cases as much as 30%. In demonstrations with Diesel and Gasoline the effect was the same, added mileage, much lower emissions, better performance and over time lower maintenance costs.

The Company’s target market extends to other uses such as huge electric power generation systems and equipment as small as motor scooters and lawn mowers.  Much is expected to be done in demonstrations in ships and stationary diesel generation systems at ports around the U.S.A. and elsewhere. We expect EQ Mileage Booster and its sister environmentally friendly products currently in planning will be beneficial to our customers in the US and in Asia and eventually around the globe. EnergyQuest International has embarked on an international search for qualified distributors and dealers to make EQ Mileage Booster a benefit to all world areas where pollution and high fuel prices are hurting the health of the people and taking too much of their money for fuel and maintenance.  We believe that widespread use of EQ Mileage Booster and other EQ products currently in planned may have a positive influence on the worlds efforts to improve and clean up the environment. One of the main forces that influenced the Company to proceed with the development and distribution of EQ Mileage Booster was the health history of one of our founders Mr. Joseph Fopiano. His story is like thousands of others who have been adversely affected by smoke and polluted air. Here is his story and one of our reasons for striving to deliver clean products to our customers around the world.
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Our special thanks to Mr. Fopiano


“All my life I have had breathing – respiratory problems. Since I was six months old, I have been through all the tests, ER (emergency hospital rooms) etc.  Respiratory irritants affect over 20 million people in the USA alone.  Breathing problems are one of the leading causes of children missing school and death.  I personally missed so much school in my early years that I had private tutoring. Air pollution from power plants, buses, trucks, cars and all types of equipment that burns diesel or gasoline puts pollution in the air and this is a major problem everywhere in the world.  Our world is being more polluted each day, look at the sky and this is what we are breathing killing ourselves and our children, our children will have no future without clean air and water.

Ever since I found this marvelous product (Thanks to the help of a Beloved Doctor who took an interest, scientists, engineers and business people involved in the development of EQ Mileage Booster.) I have told everyone who would listen, and everyone who has tried this wonderful product loves it. I have seen so many cars, trucks, buses, taxies, large equipment to a small lawnmower stop emitting black smoke to no smoke at all, plus it improves the life of an engine. Even my neighbor could not pass a smog test (State Emissions Required Test) with our D.M.V. (Department of Motor Vehicles), without putting in EQ Mileage Booster. When he did use the EQ Mileage Booster he passed the smog test and saved the purchase of a new engine. EQ not only reduced the smoke and emissions but enhanced the performance of this neighbor’s truck engine.

The extraordinary benefits of this product, especially on the health of everyone on our planet Earth should be of utmost concern to all of us.  We all desire a cleaner earth to live in especially our children of future generations; they deserve clean air to breathe.  Again, we have the solution to Pollution, a product called EQ Mileage Booster which decreases smoke and emission and reduces air pollution, EQ Mileage Booster helps to clean up the air we breathe and what our children breathe.


Joseph Fopiano

Mr. Fopiano has a lifelong commitment to the environment and to cleaning up the air we breathe and have good reason to advocate for EQ Mileage Booster. In addition, EQ Mileage Booster is non-toxic, non-hazardous and an organic product, a product that Mr. Fopiano and all of us at EnergyQuest International are proud to represent.

A lifelong sickness has shown him the value of clean air and in addition, EQ Mileage Booster also saves the user important money on fuel and maintenance of equipment.  Joseph is an important part of our team at EnergyQuest International and is an elected Director and one of the Founders of the Company.

The completion of the team at the Corporate level is Mr. Bud Wheeler, Chairman of the Board and CEO. We all have family members who vitally need improvement in air quality to live a normal healthy life. We are all grateful to the efforts of a few brilliant Doctors, Engineers, and Scientists who were instrumental in the formulation of EQ Mileage Booster and its sister products currently in final development.

EnergyQuest International, Inc. Goals:

  • EnergyQuest International will strive to become a World Leader to assist all Countries to remove harmful emissions and smoke caused by vehicles and other equipment using internal combustion engines.
  • To continue to provide environmentally friendly products to our customers on time with the highest quality products available anywhere.
  • To provide an ethical and pleasant workplace for our employees, executives, and associates.
  • To provide the highest value to our shareholders, distributors, dealers, and customers.
  • To contribute to our society the best of human resources, assistance, and products as the Company grow.
  • To cause EnergyQuest International to become a Public Company for the purposes of better access to capital markets, opportunities for investment to a wider population and to provide our shareholders an easy way to purchase and sell their shares.
  • Search out the best and brightest individuals and businesses to work with EQ to market and sell our products worldwide.
  • To make EQ Mileage Booster a respected and recognized household name and identified clean air product in nations around the world.
  • To continue to be receptive to new ideas, additional funding partners, strategic business partners, and expansion of our EQ Mileage Booster products to areas of the World not currently served by EnergyQuest International.
  • To create an honest and ethical distribution system for EQ Mileage Booster to serve mankind anywhere harmful emissions and smoke are emitted into the air by internal combustion engines.